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Great quality stands the test of time at The Jam Factory

We’ve all heard of Hartley’s Jam, but did you know that its founder Sir William Hartley established the manufacturing base for his product in Bermondsey in 1902?

When the depot closed in 1975, the building stood empty…that is, until 1999 when the existing buildings were adapted into fashionable, contemporary apartments that maintained historical character whilst providing a modern and vibrant living space in the heart of London.

The Jam Factory’s reflection of class and flair goes hand in hand with Sir William Hartley's famous statement: “Hartley’s makes only one quality - the best”

Star Quality

Occasionally a property comes on the market that has real 'Star Quality'.

Like a Marilyn on film, a Beyonce in the music world; when we see 'stars' we instantly recognise their quality.

Bermondsey Street itself is one of London's favourite areas for social, work and culture. It has fabulous bars and restaurants, it's walking distance to London's top galleries and theatres (as well as the City and West End) and has a new found reputation for stylish converted warehouse living. It's no wonder then that over the last 20 years the area has become established as something of an A-lister in its own field.

So when a five storey house, halfway up Bermondsey Street comes on the market it's always going to attract attention. Williams Lynch are the local property agents who have been asked to take on the instruction, and walk it up the red carpet. And when that house has space, elegance, versatility, charm and sex appeal, we can all lean back and bask in its beauty.

The jacuzzi on the top private terrace has incredible views, there are four bedrooms and two reception rooms within its 3,340 sq ft floorspace, and the house is offered furnished to a very high standard. It is quite literally, jaw dropping.

Yards from the Fashion and Textile Museum, across the road from the celebrated José Tapas bar and a short stroll from the Shard and London Bridge station, this house needs to be seen to be believed. Even then, well... Superlatives are most definitely in order.

So, with no further ado, let's take a look at this incredible piece of real estate...

Good News for the Property Market in SE1

Williams Lynch's Office is Now Open

We are pleased to have re-opened our doors this week and are resuming a fuller service from our office on Bermondsey Street, with new opening hours for the foreseeable future:

Weekdays: 10am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm

Social distancing is being maintained at all times for the safety of our employees and customers, so we have a reduced team in the office with the rest of the Williams Lynch staff providing all the support and backup needed by working remotely or from home.

Please call and make an appointment if you have any property related questions.


Virtual tours and videos are now available for many new properties coming on to the sales or rental markets, just contact our team for more details on how to access these.

Vacant properties are now available to view in person (with social distancing and good practices being maintained at all times).

Guidance for Occupant Landlords and Sellers

To prepare your property for physical viewings, please follow the steps below:

* If any member of the household being viewed shows symptoms of coronavirus or is self-isolating, then viewings should be delayed.

* While viewings are taking place you should vacate your property to minimise your contact with those not in your household.

* Please open all internal doors and ensure surfaces, such as door handles are cleaned before each viewing with antivirus products.

* Hand-washing facilities and ideally separate towels/paper towels should be provided.

* After every viewing the homeowner should ensure all surfaces, such as door handles, are cleaned with antivirus products and towels should be disposed of safely or washed as appropriate.

Safe and happy viewing!

On yer bike

Cycling through the lockdown

For significant numbers of us the lockdown is set to continue until July 2020 at least, and all the while the days are getting longer and warmer and the urge to get outdoors is mounting.

Jogging through the streets works for many but it's not ideal for everybody. Not only because it requires a certain level of fitness, but it can also suddenly thrust us into other people's personal space as we navigate pavements, road works and traffic.

A more leisurely and socially distanced way of getting about has seen a big upturn recently and may be a better choice of exercise and transport for you: cycling.

If you haven't been on a bike for a while – perhaps even since childhood, or the day you first passed your driving test, you may be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable, healthy and liberating the experience is.

Transport for London have mapped out a variety of routes for cyclists in and around London including a mix of 'Cycle Superhighways' for faster commuter paths and 'Quietways' for more leisurely journeys that stay away from the main roads to avoid congestion, fumes and stress.

The web link https://tfl.gov.uk/maps/cycle has plenty of ideas if you have just purchased a new bike or one of the many tricycles spotted in and around the parks recently, and are yet to discover your preferred route.

The TFL Quietway route Q1 for example, starts at Waterloo station, passes down the side of the Old Vic theatre along Webber Street heading through Newington to Borough, keeping to the quieter roads, and leading out through South Bermondsey to Greenwich and the green spaces of Blackheath.

Komoot.com is also a fabulously detailed and dynamic website that allows you to tailor your route, calculating journey times, elevation levels en-route and also allows for the routes to be easily shared with your mobile phone so you have access to the map and data while you travel.

There are a few key things that should be flagged for new cyclists (experienced riders will undoubtedly have learned these lessons already):

  1. Be safe, be seen. Ensure you are wearing high vis clothing where possible, and position yourself on the road and at junctions where motorists can see you. You should also wear a helmet, even if you are on a tricycle.
  2. Stay hydrated. Especially during the summer, becoming increasingly parched is not going to help keep you safe, so remember to take fluids with you.
  3. The 'Pub Bike'. Consider having a second bike to your main 'pride and joy' which you keep for weekend riding when you can better manage safety and security. For day to day riding, have what is affectionately referred to by experienced cyclists as their 'pub bike'; a rusty machine that still gets the job done but if it's swiped from outside a pub or a shop you won't be too dismayed!

Until there is a vaccination for Covid-19, commuting is going to remain a challenge for Londoners and the biggest obstacle to getting back to work. The Santander Bikes (originally known as the 'Boris Bikes') provide a good alternative to the tube, enabling commuters to park them up near their workplace and pick up another to cycle home. At just £2 per day or £90 for the year it does offer a lot of convenience at a low price tag.

2020 to 2021 may see a big spike in public bike usage and even speed up installation of more bike lanes across the capital - reducing carbon emissions at the same time. Healthier, happier and calmer all round, you know – there may be some very significant silver linings to this cloud after all!

Cabin Fever

#stircrazy #cabinfever #claustrophobia

Is your household still 'locked down', safely away from the Coronavirus, but starting to show signs of cabin fever yet?

Urban life presents some extra challenges right now. Often a smaller living space, close to the city's centre, is the trade off for the hustle and bustle - the excitement and culture of the immediate world outside. But for a few weeks more at least, we are compelled to remain indoors while still managing our mental and physical well-being.

So, have you got bored of exercising on your yoga mat in front of the TV yet, or tired of throwing dice to see who in your home gets to sit on the terrace? If so, here are a few nearby outdoor spaces you could escape to for an hour each day...

The St Mary Magdalen Churchyard at the south end of Bermondsey Street is a surprisingly peaceful and relaxing place for a walk, or rolling out your fitness mat and doing an hour-long cardiovascular workout.

If you are a runner and need to avoid the footpaths near the river, then Bermondsey Spa Gardens is open 24 hours a day and is quite beautiful at this time of year with plenty of Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom. There is also Tabard Gardens, near Borough station, which has a combination of lawned spaces, a sports field, children's playground and an outdoor gym.

Remember, all the parks that are managed by Southwark Council are still open (with varying opening and closing hours), but you are advised to use them only once a day for exercise and you still need to maintain social distancing (2 metres apart from anyone else and washing hands etc).

For joggers who are likely to have more stamina for both pace or distance then Southwark Park is the place for you. If you don't know it already then it's situated at the end of Jamaica Road at Rotherhithe. At over 60 acres in size it offers plenty of space for runners and walkers with a landscape that can keep you pleasantly interested as you complete your daily circuits, including a small lake with boathouse.

Best of luck, and be sure to do your warm up exercises first!

Light at the end of the tunnel

Good news!

There may be still a long way to go before normal life resumes but this week saw some positive signs as the virus peaked in the UK, and the rate of spread is less than 1 person infected by each person who has it.

Consequently selected shops and manufacturers are getting back to business; the DIY chain B&Q reopened 155 of its UK stores while several car companies and house-builders Taylor Wimpey said they would return to work in May.

So, it's possible that the end of the lockdown is just weeks away though some form of social distancing will probably continue until next year, when a vaccine is readily available.

Until then, here are some useful local contacts for essential services.

Local family run Qrystal pharmacy on Newington Causeway, SE1 6ED is open for normal hours (until 7pm, but please note they do also close for an hour at lunch).

The Osbun Pharmacy on the Southbank SE1 9LP also closes its doors at 7pm.

For Chemists open later, at Waterloo station there is a Boots which is open until midnight and at the ASDA on the Old Kent Road their in-store pharmacy is open between 7am and 11pm most days, closing earlier on the weekends.

Emergency Dentist
If you are struggling with a dental problem - don't suffer in silence, you can still call your dentist and they should be able to answer questions and suggest the best way forward by recommending painkillers or even prescribing medication.

If necessary they will direct you to the NHS or to an Emergency Dentist who is best equipped and located for you.

Emergency Vets
The Goddard Vet Group is transferring all activities from their Kennington to their Stockwell practice and in the event of an emergency or if your pet is unwell out of hours their Pet Hospitals offer a dedicated emergency service. You can reach Goddard's on 020 7735 6541 and their Stockwell practice address is 348 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1UQ.

Medivet on Grange Road, SE1 3BW is open but does ask pet owners to call in advance to make an appointment or receive advice for the time being. Their number is 020 7232 2637.

The Southwark Mobile Vet Clinic which helps pets in the local area whose owners can’t afford private veterinary fees is currently not offering a mobile clinic service but If your pet needs urgent help they do ask you to make contact for advice and support on 0300 777 1890.

Out of Hours Pets. If you have an animal emergency out of hours you can contact the South London Emergency Veterinary Clinic based at 23 The High Parade, Streatham High Road, on 020 8677 0976. Their hours of practice are Monday to Friday: 6pm – 9am Saturday to Sunday: 12pm – 9am Sunday to Monday: 9am – 9am

Doctors Surgeries
In most instances your first port of call should be calling the NHS on 111 where you will be directed to the right course to follow.

Generally, GP practices are not available in their usual capacity but do still offer a range of help and support. For example, the Bermondsey Spa Medical Practice is open for 'essential medical services' only, which are urgent planned appointments with staff working remotely from home. If you need Sick Certificates, Repeat Prescriptions, Specimen Pots, General Enquires, New Registrations then you should call 020 3474 6000 or email: souccg.bsmp@nhs.net

Check your own GP online first and follow the advice they have added to their websites.

CORONAVIRUS If you believe you have symptoms, NHS advice is to stay at home for 7 days. The symptoms to look out for are; a high temperature or a new continuous cough.

Remember, do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital, you do not even need to contact NHS 111 to tell them you’re staying at home. You only need to contact the NHS if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, your condition gets worse or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days.

Our next posts will include ideas for staying sane and healthy for the remainder of the period, including local exercise, food and kitchen suggestions, keeping yourself, family and house-sharers entertained at home, and making positive use of your time by tackling some home improvements.

From time to time we will also add links to new properties for new tenants or buyers with a 'Virtual Viewing' - taking a tour of homes by watching videos taken by our team of new properties on the market, so even if you are not ready to leave home yet, you can still property search online and make plans...

A World of “Pure Imagination”

In a converted tin box factory built in the 1820s…

Just around the corner from Borough tube station, is an apartment the likes of which rarely comes onto the market.

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three…

The space has been transformed into a fantasy landscape, a created world that resembles a film or stage set of Alice in Wonderland, or an enchanted Harry Potter house.

Arranged over the top two floors of the converted premises on Cole Street, the front door to the apartment opens up into a stunning open plan space with windows on two sides. Grandfather clocks, long chunky wooden tables on wooden floors and a wrought iron spiral staircase echo a timeless fantasy land of mischief and fun.

Dried vines, copper and gold, rise up in the corners, climbing along the stone beams overhead bringing the natural outdoor world inside.

In the mezzanine floor above, is the bedroom and bathroom with access to a private terrace.

It's not surprising that the illusion of another world has been so successfully and magically created in this place. The owners, the “Brothers Quay” are world leading movie animators, famous for their award-winning work on the Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer music video (1986) and sequences in films including Frida (2002).

Terry Gilliam, Monty Python member and master of the weird, is known to be a big fan of the twin brothers Stephen and Timothy, who have spent much of their professional life in Southwark having moved to London in 1969 from their home in USA. They are selling the property with no onward chain and some lucky wizard is about to find a new, delightful home.

Situated just off Borough High Street with easy access to all the usual favourites: Bermondsey Street, Borough Market, the Southbank plus tube and train links it gives us great pleasure to share this opportunity, and reminds us at Williams Lynch, why we enjoy being SE1 property specialists so much.

For more information or to arrange a viewing please contact Eddi Matthiasson at Williams Lynch on 020 7940 9940 or by email eddi@williamslynch.co.uk.

Builder Management

Simple do's and don'ts to keep your development project moving on time and on budget

Article in The RIVER Magazine Summer 2019

If you’re planning any home improvements there are some simple things to remember so your builders don’t start drifting onto other projects, or walk off the job altogether.

Before you start with a builder or new project, do take the time to get multiple quotes and go by recommendations if possible. Also, from the outset, once builders start taking out electrics and plumbing all sorts of hidden issues may come to light so having a reserve fund, a contingency, to cover these is vital.

If you’re planning an extension or loft conversion ask yourself: Will this spend add an equivalent value to my property? If it doesn’t, you may decide to proceed anyway, if you’re looking for an improved lifestyle rather than a return on money spent. Talk to your neighbours about the plans so they are aware and can be out or away when the noisiest or dirtiest parts of the job are underway. Let them know well in advance when water and electrics are likely to be switched off too.

Negotiating a special price for cash may seem smart but it does open up other risks and potential expenses, and isn’t recommended. Builders who are happy to take cash may well turn out to be cowboys, and if you’re the one trying to get a deal for cash, this might ring the alarm bells of a professional team.

Cash projects can save money by avoiding the taxman but it does put the project out of reach of the courts and regulators. In the event of a dispute the costs will dwarf any possible money saved. It’s better to be clear, up front and legitimate – setting the tone of your relationship as professional and stable. Pay on time the agreed amounts, check your invoices and be visibly managing the project.

Adding ‘extras’ to the project specification throughout the development will only put pressure on your team who will have scheduled the work and subsequent projects with some precision. It also blurs the clarity of the original plan and introduces new, potentially problematic or delaying obstacles.

Like extras, changes in the plans will probably incur extra costs, increasing pressure on the team and on your relationship too, so take more time in advance to consider your options and stick to them. As far as possible plan your materials: if they are coming from abroad, delivery delays can slow jobs down and create scheduling problems.

Being on the end of a telephone or sending instructions by text message will work most of the time but it’s a good idea to visit the site regularly, during daylight hours, so you can inspect the work thoroughly and discuss any issues with the team. Remember, it may be your home, your biggest investment, but no-one enjoys having their boss standing over them while they work. It suggests a lack of trust and confidence to your builder and it’s only a matter of time before you begin chipping in tips of your own, which are unlikely to be welcome.

An upbeat and motivated team will work efficiently and won’t be tempted to cut corners so make sure your team have access to toilet facilities, parking and skip space when and where needed, storage for tools, a radio and a kettle plus running water. Builders love their cups of tea, and if they can work happily and hydrated, they will work better.

Finally, have a good sense of humour with your builders, and if things go wrong (which they often do), try to be philosophical about it and work through the issues positively rather than launching into combat mode.

Are you looking for property in the SE1 area? If you're looking to sell or buy property in Lambeth, London Bridge, Bermondsey, Southwark or Borough, contact local SE1 estate agents [Williams Lynch].

Silent Disco Invitation

The Bermondsey Street Festival - Saturday 14th Sept 2019

A small personal space in the heart of this buzzing Street Festival, so come and join us and show us your best moves!

Look for the red carpet and grab one of 25 headsets for a dance session.

Face icon wearing headphone

Williams Lynch

63 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3XF

11am to 5pm

Entrance Fee: Charitable donation min £1.00 to Infinity, so bring your coins and notes please 🙂

SE1 is a hit on Instagram

The trend of finding eye-catching or meaningful locations to take selfies has been termed 'Insta-Landmark' and SE1 has more than its fair share of the top ranked venues.

Leake Street underpass

Earlier this summer a light-hearted piece of 'news' was covered in one of the national papers. A study had been made of top locations hashtagged in Instagram posts, creating alternative “must see” places to the UK's more traditional landmarks.

A new list is emerging of favourite places to visit and capture on camera that includes bars, bridges, tunnels and shops. It's probably no surprise that London is in the top twenty list several times, followed by Manchester, with three locations in the top twenty.

What is surprising however, is that SE1 is in the Top 20 not once, not twice but three times! Is our neighbourhood frequented by uncommonly busy Instagram users or just that in this neck of the woods we have unusually interesting, weird and wonderful locations that make incredible backdrops to selfie photos?

Number 5 in the national list is the tunnel at Leake Street, adorned with ever-changing murals and graffiti art, and once made famous by early Banksy art works in 2008. Leake Street which stretches from York Road to Lower Marsh is, for 300 metres, a pedestrian-only tunnel beneath one end of Waterloo station. Waves and waves of artists, illustrators and vandals have set this hidden passageway ablaze with colour and street art.

It has, at the time of counting, amassed a seriously high number of hashtags: 35,596.

Number 7 in the charts is also at Waterloo but at this this venue you can sit back and relax with a cocktail or glass of champagne while you take photos and share with friends. “Tonight Josephine” is packed with pink neon signs, one of which has proved hugely popular as a backdrop to a selfie, and reads 'Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History’. The décor is fun and feminine and the vibe is set with the flick of a switch that illuminates pink neon fingers crossing and other suggestive or motivational messages.

With 9,987 hashtags “Tonight Josephine” has comfortably earned its place as one of the country's popular destinations.

The third and final inclusion in the top twenty from our south London community is Sugarhouse Studios in Bermondsey. The former school building, the studios are now home to artists and craftspeople run by Assemble, a collective set up in 2010.

Clocking up 2,658 Instagram hashtags it's the striking handmade concrete tiles in pale shades that draw the crowds. But if you are considering visiting it yourself you should hurry as the property is soon to be developed, knocked down and replaced by new houses.

If you know any local venue contenders for future Top 20 lists, remember to hashtag your post when you share it and let's see what makes next year's favourite Insta-Landmark list.

Are you looking for property in the SE1 area? If you're looking to sell or buy property in Lambeth, London Bridge, Bermondsey, Southwark or Borough, contact local SE1 estate agents Williams Lynch.

Bermondsey Street Signature Tune

Musicity and Low Line bring bespoke music to the street

Bermondsey Street Tunnel has been immortalised in music as part of the Musicity project in which musical compositions are created for specific locations that can be enjoyed while walking the new 'Low Line' of London. To listen it you will need a smartphone, the Musicity app and to be at the location.

Using Geotracking the app locates you and lets you play the music that has been specifically produced for that location, so as you walk the Low Line and the architecture around you changes, so does the soundtrack on the musicality app.

Chihiro Ono has been chosen to create the piece for Bermondsey Street and her repertoire ranges from Baroque (on period instruments), Classical, Contemporary, Experimental Music, Performing Art, Improvisation to Sound Art.

Musicity, launched by Nick Luscombe of BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction music show, is collaborating with Low Line, conceived by a local resident and former architect David Stephens. Stephens was Inspired by New York’s High Line, a 1.5 mile stretch of disused elevated railway transformed into walkways and gardens on the west side of Manhattan. London’s version follows the 150 years old railway arches south of the river.

The full list of artists and their Low Line locations are:

  • Lola de la Mata - Old Union Yard Arches
  • Thomas Stone - Ewer Street
  • Szjerdene - Wardens Grove
  • The Memory Band - Flat Iron Square
  • Nabihah Iqbal aka Throwing Shade - Borough Market
  • Lossy - Southwark Cathedral
  • Suitman Jungle - London Bridge Station
  • William Doyle - The Shard
  • Gestalt - Vinegar Yard
  • Chihiro Ono - Bermondsey Street Tunnel
  • Tom Szirtes - Holyrood Street
  • Erland Cooper - Underdog Gallery
  • James Alec Hardy - Druid Street Wildflower Meadow
  • Frog Morris - Blue Bermondsey
  • Cunning Folk - Biscuit Factory

The complete Low Line walk will take you from the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey up through Maltby Street Market, crossing Bermondsey Street and past Vinegar Yard, round the Shard, beside Southwark Cathedral and through Borough Market, onto Flat Iron Square and ending just by Southwark tube station.

“Cities are these amazing possibilities to put two things together: music and architecture. The city is a playground, a backdrop for music,” says Nick Luscombe.

If you are interested in walking the walk, you can follow the map on Google

The Swinging Sixties on Bermondsey Street

It's never a dull moment on Bermondsey Street...

Diabolo minidress

Have you ever fancied an immersive experience of London in the Swinging Sixties? The fashions of Mary Quant, the innovations of Terence Conran?

Well, now you can…

There's something quite vintage about Bermondsey, the town name conjures up images of a London before the wars; of warehouses and biscuit factories, tanneries and incoming ships to be unloaded and reloaded by hard working men and women. No wonder the antique markets and up-cycling furniture retailers have found it a natural place to set up shop. The history of London past still loiters in the air, in the architecture and the charm of the local people who now occupy the area.

Halfway down Bermondsey Street, in the eye-grabbing pink and orange building of the Fashion and Textile Museum, an exhibition of all the things that lifted London out of the cold grey post-war years and turned it into the throbbing heart of metropolitan life, is underway.

Running until the beginning of June and open Tuesdays to Saturday (11am to 6pm, later on a Thursday), there is a full mix of fashion, textiles, furniture, lighting, homewares, ceramics and ephemera. Key pieces include rare and early examples of designs by Conran and Quant, plus the avant-garde artists, designers and intellectuals who worked alongside them, such as designers Bernard and Laura Ashley, sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi and artist and photographer Nigel Henderson.

Tickets are modestly priced at £9.90 for adults, £8.80 for concessions, £7 for students and children under 12 are free.

Take a walk down Memory Lane, or if you're younger than that, take a closer peek into the London that captured the imagination and attention of the world.

Southwark Council takes Courage

Courage Yard is purchased by the council, a significant investment that demonstrates confidence in rising local property values.

Just beside Tower Bridge, in an oft-overlooked nook of south London is the exquisite area of Shad Thames. The riverfront is lined with beautiful restaurants, bars and cultural hotspots with incredible views along the Thames in either direction and across to the City of London.

With stylish converted warehouse accommodation and quality restaurants afoot - including Butlers Wharf Chop House and Le Pont de la Tour, the area has steadily attracted top businesses. Zoopla ZPG Ltd, the online property portal, relocated there recently taking a whopping 44,000 square feet in Courage Yard.

In January 2019 Southwark Council confirmed it had purchased the area from Colombia Threadneedle who bought the site for around £48 million in 2015. After a successful rebrand and refurbishment, the site went back on the market for a significantly higher price of £89 million last year. Southwark Council is adding it to the existing rental incomes it enjoys from its 2017 purchases in Shand Street and Holyrood Street nearby, each close to the council's HQ on Tooley Street.

The entire Courage Yard area is situated on a 2.2 acre freehold site with almost 70,000 square foot of office space, 18,000 square foot of shops, 160 residential units and hundreds of car parking spaces. It's estimated that the yearly rental yield from all of these will exceed £5 million.

Councillor Victoria Mills, Cabinet Minister for Finance, Performance and Brexit said, “Over the years we have acquired commercial assets that we can manage to generate revenue. Projects are chosen based on being in Southwark and the size and resilience of their revenue return, which can then be used to support our frontline services.”

Once upon a time, if Courage Yard (back in the 80s known as Horselydown Square) had been a place on the Monopoly board, it would have been positioned somewhere between the Old Kent Road and Whitechapel, but with its recent transformations the area might now be better placed far further around the board.

Monopoly board on white

Happy New Year SE1

Wishing all of our past, present and future clients the very best wishes for 2019

We are looking forward to a successful new year all round, building on some of the extraordinary positive developments of 2018.

The 'Lettings Rush' has already started, so if you're still thinking about putting your property on the market for rent, then it's definitely time to act now. Speak with Dene in our Lettings team to discuss your home and the services we can offer.

Last year was an extra special one for Williams Lynch. We celebrated our 20th Anniversary and even featured on the front cover of local magazine 'The River', which has been distributed to thousands of local residents. It seems incredible that twenty years have passed since we first opened our doors at 90 Bermondsey Street.

So much has changed since then, but what has remained consistent in all that time is the ongoing 'gentrification' of our community. In 2018 we enjoyed our best ever Lettings performance as demand for professional accommodation in SE1 and its surrounds steadily increases. We have been pleased to offer Landlords all the help and support they need in getting the right tenants and the best incomes.

Sales also remain strong. The appetite for loft conversions, warehouse apartments and the 'Bermondsey Street' way has not waned, and housing stock cannot keep up with it. No wonder the sales market for quality homes is still so healthy in this postcode.

Mark Williams, our Managing Director, and all the team of Williams Lynch would like to wish you all a happy and successful 2019.


Spooky Highlights in SE1

SE1 has something for everyone, even the ghosts, ghouls and spectres amongst us.

This year's highlights included an electric pedalled screening of Danny Boyle's cult classic 28 Days Later down at Courage Yard in Shad Thames. The screen was powered by Electric Pedals and viewers were encouraged to hop on one of the 12 bikes and use their pedalling to power the cinema throughout the screening, which follows bicycle courier Jim (Cillian Murphy) as he wakes up from a coma in a post-apocalyptic London.

At the Ministry of Sound there was ‘rib cage shattering music’ at the Halloween Rave in Elephant and Castle. Four rooms playing everything from house to disco, and grime to R&B. Organisers promised, and delivered on, ‘synchronised murder visuals’ and ‘gruesome lasers’.

There was even after hours access to the Tower of London. It might be a good one to book early for next year and take the kids? Spook yourselves out at Traitors’ Gate, the Scaffold Site and the Bloody Tower at night. Tales of prisoners and past residents, of royal gossip and of the secrets kept within these ancient walls were played to all, for an extra eerie experience.

At Westminster Pier was the haunted Ghost Ship (with two decks of music, entertainment and bars until midnight).

And finally, the London Dungeon went big this year with its Halloween spectacular bringing visitors up close to the city’s most notorious villains - Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd to name but a few. Guests were invited to visit the pitch black streets of Whitechapel and take on the Drop Dead Ride.

If you didn't dare to try it this year, perhaps spend the next twelve months summoning up the courage to face the challenge next year instead!

Cycling Quietway

Leisure News or An Alternative to the Commute?

A new safe cycle path opened this month, crossing Bermondsey Street from Leathermarket Street to Tanner Street, so cyclists can easily get from Waterloo to Jamaica Road along quieter back roads. The new route, named Quietway 14, will ultimately run all the way to Deptford and was officially opened by London Walking and Cycling Commissioner Dr Will Norman and Southwark Councillor Richard Livingstone.

Local residents can now get around with less stress using pedal power only and without having to run the gauntlet with London's motors. Even though we are all attracted to central London for its busy communities, fast paced life, there's still a strong desire to enjoy the quieter and more natural side of life too, especially activities like cycling, lazy Sundays and some space away from the hurly burly. This is never more true than in and around Bermondsey Street which enjoys its newfound gentrified reputation and village-like community. Healthy living is very much on our agenda and the arrival of Quietway 14 threading through the heart of the area is a bonus.

There are plenty of local bike specialists so if you live or work nearby and have not yet caught the bug this may be the spur you have been waiting for.

Machine Cycling Cafe on Tower Bridge Road provide a range of bikes, repairs and accessories as well as exceptionally good coffee.

Fully Charged Electric Bike Shop at the corner of Bermondsey Street have a massive range of electric bikes (eBikes) even ones that can fold up and be carried - so if you think a little bit of motorised help might be needed, the choice is there.

On Your Bike just beside London Bridge, down in the arches of The Vaults, has a full compliment of bikes, clobber and boasts operating one of London's largest bike rental fleets as well as a same day bike fix turnaround service.

If a customised, stylish bike is more your thing then you should look up Druid Cycles on Roper Lane just off Druid Street who also give regular bike maintenance workshops and are a not for profit community interest company.

At the far end of the planned Quietway 14 route, or indeed the original Quietway 1 that runs all the way to Greenwich, is the quality Cycles UK who have a team of expert bike fitters and consultants to make sure the bike you buy for yourself or your family is the right one and set up perfectly for best use.

There's no excuse now is there? And if you're worried about the cash outlay there are lots of options for deferring payments or maybe you could consider cancelling that gym subscription instead, within just a matter of months your bike will have paid for itself.

Buzz Theatre at the Elephant

Green spaces, delicious eateries…and yes the Thunderbirds are coming to Elephant & Castle

When you hear that a purpose built theatre comes to SE1, you just know it’s going to create a buzz.

The aptly named Buzz theatre is set to open at Mercato Metropolitano in November. The venue will open a few minutes walk from Elephant & Castle – just across the road from Southwark Playhouse. The purpose-built arts space promises immersive and interactive theatrical events.

It will open in November withThunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon, which is based on the original Thunderbirds series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The ITV show was set in the latter half of the 21st century, and followed the adventures of International Rescue, who used their land, sea, air and space crafts on rescue missions. The show was known for its iconic puppetry and opening title sequence.

Theatre aside, it got us thinking how much Elephant & Castle is on the up. It’s often overlooked and some might call it a work in progress but it’s set for a brighter and greener future.

The largest new green space in central London for 70 years is already open to the public. Elephant Park will provide 3,000 new homes and 6,000 new jobs. More than 1,200 new trees will be planted in this zone one spot and there’ll be room for 3,000 new cycle spaces.

Artistic types are flocking to the area, thanks to the Artworks Elephant – a creative hub repurposed from shipping containers. The ground floor houses food and drink outlets surrounding an outdoor courtyard. There is plenty of space to hold meetings, events and classes.

As if that wasn’t enough, it is hoped that the proposed Bakerloo line extension will reach Elephant & Castle in the next decade. All the world could be Elephant & Castle’s stage.

World Cup 2018

Follow the World Cup in SE1

With the summer firmly taking hold and England's performance on the pitch hotting up, even the most disinterested may now begin to find some appeal in the World Cup.

Harry Kane & Co. treated to the country to a surprising blast of thrills and goals on Sunday with an electrifying display of set pieces and individual talent culminating in a comprehensive 6-1 defeat of Panama.

With their position in the knock-out stages secured regardless of the result in Thursday's game against Belgium, the players and the fans can sit back and enjoy the match and look forward to the next phase of the competition.

So, where to watch the big games in SE1?

Bermondsey Street is not normally known for its pubs showing live football and it's unlikely that the Italian eaTalia will be installing a big screen (the Italians failed to make the finals this time round) or that either Jose's or Pisarro's will be interrupting their diner's meals with matches throughout the weeks ahead, so we have compiled a list of recommended places where you can follow the tournament:

Shipwrights Arms, Tooley Street Large pub near London Bridge station with island bar and multiple screens and upstairs room and bar

Simon the Tanner, Long Lane Stylish and comfortable with excellent match day food

Hand and Marigold, Bermondsey Square Classic Bermondsey 'boozer' with great atmosphere and full of locals

The Britannia, Kipling Street Traditional pub with fabulous craft ales and a huge selection of whiskeys

Number 1 Bar, Tooley Street One giant screen and 6 HD screens, dedicated sports bar

The Old King's Head, Borough High Street Tucked down King's Head Yard at the top of the High Street is a roomy pub packed with Borough Market traders

The George Inn, Borough High Street Medieval timber framed pub steeped in history and elegance with a good range of beers and wines

Belushi's & The Dugout, Borough High Street Packed full of screens, booths, nooks and crannies this is a top venue for sports events

Pedal Power

There’s no better way to explore Southwark than on two wheels.

We admit the weather hasn’t been up to much of late but on a gloriously sunny day Southwark is one of the best boroughs in the capital to cycle around and take in the sights.

It’s about to get better, we hope, as proposals to build a new Cycle Superhighway (CS4) stretching from Tower Bridge to Greenwich have received strong support from the public.

If it gets the go-ahead, it would include 4km of two-way protected cyclist tracks, giving roads in Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, Deptford and Greenwich a clearer and safer route for cycling.

It’s all part of the mayor’s transport strategy to decrease congestion and car pollution by making other modes of transportation more accessible.

Whether you’re new to the saddle or an experienced rider, Machine on Tower Bridge Road is just the spot to catch up while drinking a mug of Monmouth coffee. The independent family-run cafe has a repair workshop for all your biking needs.

On Your Bike (The Vaults, Montague Close, London Bridge) is another family-run business nestled under the arches of London Bridge next to Southwark Cathedral. Riders can find a range of quality brand bikes and clothing, plus a large repair and maintenance workshop, and one of the largest fleets of bicycles for hire and rental in the capital.

For those socially conscious cyclists, take note of Druid Cycles (18 Druid Street). The not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) on Druid Street formed to benefit the cycling community. Here you’ll find a repair workshop, recycled bicycle parts, and a space where bicycle mechanics with training can improve their working skills. The shop also works with Southwark Council to provide community training schemes.

National Pet Month

We’re a nation of dog lovers and SE1 is just the spot to enjoy some tail-wagging days out.

Our pet pooch is more than a companion. They keep us happy, healthy and are an integral part of our family. It’s National Pet Month so it really got us thinking about how we can entertain our furry friends.

As thousands of people up and down the UK celebrate life with their pets this April, here in SE1 we’ve got our fair share of green spaces. Burgess Park and Southwark Park welcome dogs but be mindful that this excludes children’s play areas or sports pitches. You can find more about Dog Bye-laws on the Southwark Council website. You might think it’s barking mad but dog yoga is the latest craze we’ve heard about. If you want to improve your flow but don’t want to leave your pup at home you can take them along. ‘Doga’ is a yoga practice invented by teacher Mahny Djahanguiri in 2012. The next Doga class is held on 8 April near Liverpool Street (4 Paul St, London EC2A 4JH).

Thirsty and peckish? The Woolpack pub with its welcoming garden and The Garrison on Bermondsey Street are dog friendly spots to enjoy a beverage and a hearty meal with them in tow.

The Green Room near Southbank is another handy spot for lunch and a riverside walk. The garden in front makes a perfect space to unwind with your pet. (101 Upper Ground, Lambeth, SE1 9PP)

For those with fashion conscious pets to pamper, look no further than Holly & Lil’s on Tower Bridge Road and Bermondsey St. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their on-trend handmade dog collars and leads, which include limited-edition collections in leather and tweed. Prices start at around £40 up to £120 for something bejewelled and glitzy. There’s plenty for our feline friends too – there’s a line of cat collars on sale.

Bermondsey Bees

Bermondsey is buzzing when it comes to honey making.

A quarter of Londoners suffer the irritation of hayfever which kicks off in the summer months and even as early as spring time.

Living with streaming eyes, tickly throats and a runny nose is no fun at all but some believe that a spoon of local honey a day can help to relieve the symptoms of hayfever.

We needn’t look far for what ancient Greeks called the food of gods.

A Victorian sugar warehouse overlooking The Shard isn’t the most obvious place to keep bees.

But it’s just the spot where Bermondsey Street Bees owner and beekeeper Dale Gibson houses his beehives, which have produced prize winning honey.

Dale Gibson swapped his early mornings as a stockbroker for early mornings at his urban bee farm.

The company shares its harvest with local restaurants including Bermondsey Street’s Jose Pizarro through to top UK chefs including Tom Aikens and Tom Kerridge.

Bermondsey Street Bees also collaborates with Hannah Rhodes, founder of Hiver beers. Her honey-brewed beer is sold to the biggest names on the high street, from Marks and Spencer, to Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Elsewhere in Bermondsey, the London Honey Company has been making its mark. Steve Benbow installed a hive full of Gloucestershire bees behind the lift shaft on his roof and saw this thrive to produce thick honey.

The company is now based in a Bermondsey warehouse and supplies the tearooms at The Savoy and Harvey Nichols, delis and farmers’ markets across the capital. You can even find it sold at Maltby Street Market at the weekends.

It may just help those summer sniffles or even make you smarter (so we’ve read!) but one thing is for certain – Bermondsey has a sweet deal when it comes to honey.

Tom Daley Apartment

He became the ‘poster boy’ for the London 2012 Olympics. Diver and Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley takes the leap to sell up in SE1.

He is waving goodbye to his fabulous third floor apartment and his move made a splash (we couldn’t resist the pun) across the press this week.

Tom Daley and his screenwriter husband Dustin Lance Black are leaving SE1. The pair tied the knot last year and it’s time for pastures new.

We are delighted to help Tom find a new owner to take on his property and create memories of their own. We’ve been welcoming enquiries and setting up viewings.

His two bedroom apartment has welcomed interest – not just from perspective buyers ­– but the media. We always love to see Southwark soak up the limelight.

Unfortunately the dwelling doesn’t come with his infamous Union Jack sofa but the hot tub and fantastic views of the Shard – found on the three sizable south, east and west facing terraces ­– make up for that.

It’s easy to understand why Tom would be sad to leave SE1. His flat is in a sought after spot close to London Bridge and Borough station. Bermondsey Street is a short walk away.

He’s not the only celeb drawn to Southwark. The area has attracted its fair share of celebrities to set up home and who can blame them?

Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer and founder of Bermondsey Street’s Fashion and Textile Museum, arrived during the 1990s. She still resides on Bermondsey Street.

Actress Ruth Wilson, who starred in the National Theatre’s Hedda Gabler, bought a loft-style flat in Bermondsey a few years ago and previously rented her parents’ London bolthole in SE1.

Norman Ackroyd, one of Britain’s most famous contemporary printmakers known for his landscape works, still resides in good old Bermondsey.

Which celebs have you spotted in and around SE1? Share your sightings with us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Local and Live

Live music and the thriving cultural scene of SE1

There are rumblings that London's live music scene is being silenced due to rising rent and rates on one flank, and developers wanting to minimise unwanted noises that could affect prime property values on another. This may be true for much of capital but here in Borough and Bermondsey, as one venue is squeezed too tightly, the talent simply resurfaces somewhere else nearby.

Such was the destiny of The Glad pub, tucked along Lant Street behind Borough station. When the two Dannys who ran the quirky old corner pub were forced to move on, they took their music scene with them, around the corner to the newly refurbished Spit and Sawdust pub by the roundabout where Tower Bridge Road and the Old Kent Road meet. 'Superglad' nights are a weekly fixture and the public have followed them there. In fact the move has made them all the stronger and they now have a widening network of venues where they provide musical entertainments, including Union Theatre and Leadbelly's Bar in Canada Water, Rotherhithe.

Recently Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons opened his O'Meara venue at the back of Flat Iron Yard (just off Union Street), an intimate stylish club with echoes of great gig locations of the past. Unsurprisingly it took off from day one adding an audio backdrop to a creative, social and food-festival vibe that has blossomed in SE1 with staggering speed.

Councils and developers should remember that a lively cultural scene is what brings communities together, adds flavour and texture to the local lifestyle and value to the properties too. Hushing the local talent is just short-sighted - celebrating it instead is the way to go. We are fortunate that our local musicians are not only exceptionally entertaining but resilient and inventive enough to withstand the pressures of the times.

SuperGlad at The Spit & Sawdust Pub
21 Bartholomew Street

6 O’Meara Street


Now the clocks have thrown us back into the depths (and despairs) of winter there’s nothing more comforting than warm and hearty fare.

You’ll find exactly that at M Manze’s on Tower Bridge Road, just 300 metres north of the Old Kent Road. Pie, mash and eels are served up daily to loyal lunchtime customers.

If you’re looking for bona fide traditional London grub this establishment takes you back in time.

M. Manze has been using its Italian founder’s original recipes since 1902 – and it has changed little since it opened.

Although the tide is turning on Tower Bridge Road as new cafes, bars and restaurants are springing up, M.Manze’s remains a force to be reckoned with.

Inside it looks as though the decor hasn’t changed for 115 years; the Victorian green tiles and dark wood panelling take you back to a bygone age. If only walls could talk...

The pie and mash is piled high – plenty of thick parsley liquor, smooth potato and meaty pies with a suet pastry base and slightly burnt lids. Jellied eels are on the menu and not for the faint-hearted!

All this for just over £4.

In 2006 the Tower Bridge Road shop was awarded a blue plaque by Southwark council and has featured in various documentaries, films and adverts including Elton John’s video for his 1995 hit single ‘Made in England’.

The only drawback is that Manze’s closes between 2-3pm every day so no chance of post work pie and mash in authentic surroundings. But we noted that they have joined Deliveroo so it’s easy as pie to get a delivery to your home.

87 Tower Bridge Road SE1 4TW Mon: 11am - 2pm Tue-Thurs: 10.30am - 2pm Fri: 10am - 2.30pm Sat: 10am - 2.45pm.


Beards are growing, quite literally, among younger Brits.

YouGov research shows that there is an increase in the proportion of men sporting facial hair since 2011.

We read that since mid-2011, 37 per cent of men had some form of facial hair – by late 2016 this had risen to 42 per cent.

As we reach mid November it got us thinking about Movember. This year, once again, millions of men will be growing out their facial fuzz to raise cash and awareness of men’s health problems including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

The Movember Foundation [INSERT LINK: https://uk.movember.com/?home] encourages men to grow a moustache (mo) for the whole of November but some are doing the reverse and shaving their beards off to show their support.

If you’re looking to stay a cut above the rest and go for the chop at the end of Movember, look no further than Choppers on Bermondsey Street. They specialise in ‘old school’ gentlemen’s haircuts with favourite styles including pompadours, flattops and contours.

 A short walk down from Choppers, you’ll find George Gents’ Hairdresser. Owner and Cypriot barber Vangelos Georgiou certainly knows a thing or two about cutting hair. He has been on Bermondsey street since 1970.

Looking for the Turkish experience? No appointment is necessary at Jeff’s Barber’s on Great Suffolk and you’ll even be offered a complimentary Turkish coffee. At £22, they offer the full works with Jeff’s ‘Hangover Cure experience’ which promises a hot towel followed by a hut cut throat shave, neck fluff removed, eye brows threaded, ears singed and a thorough hair wash along with a hot towel and massage.

So whichever way you decide to snip this Movember, don’t forget to conduct yourself like a “true gentleman”, as advised by the Movember Foundation.

Choppers 210 Bermondsey Street George Gents Hairdresser 126 Bermondsey St

Jeff’s Barbers 160 Great Suffolk Street

Photo credit for men/hair guide: Movember Foundation

Pique Nique

Pique-Nique’s menu and service gives new meaning to a walk in the park.

If you like chicken and a full glass, you’ll love Pique-Nique.

But be warned, go with an empty stomach.

This French gem of a restaurant is a little oddly located in the corner of Tanner Street Park, behind the tennis courts and next to a children’s playground.

It’s owned by the team that brought us French restaurant Casse-Croûte on Bermondsey Street, just a short walk across Tanner Park. This time they have renovated a disused sports changing room to bring a little bit of Paris to Bermondsey.

The result? An intimate and cosy venue which is perfect for date nights or a special dinner with family and friends.

Chicken is elevated to new heights here – nothing goes to waste. We opted for the six-course special starting with the smoothest of chicken liver parfait alongside fried balls of chicken neck. A traditional consommé followed next served with a variety of chicken offal on a skewer...stomach flipping fare. A slice of the breast with fresh morels and a cream sauce and buttery mash seemed a magnificent way to end. Not so, there was more... a salad and confit leg.

The highlight of our meal had to be the towering chocolate fondant finale which released the most magical, glistening chocolate sauce. Our sighs of joy could be heard beyond the tennis courts.

Pique-Nique is open from 9am until 11pm (10-6pm on Sundays). It’s worth noting that there is a curfew of 11pm (it’s easy to forget you’re in a park), so don't leave it too late!

32 Tanner Street, London SE1 3LD

(we had the Menu autour du poulet de Bresse, £38)

Mary Portas Charity Shop

Look good, do good:

Charity shops don’t always get a good rap.

It’s not somewhere you’d typically expect to find fashionable clobber but flame-haired TV retail expert Mary Portas is helping to reinvent the high street charity shop.

The ‘Queen of Shops’, as she’s been called by British media, opened her 23rd Living and Giving shop on Bermondsey Street during the annual Bermondsey Street Festival in September.

The concept is to provide a human, ethical and community shopping experience and we’ve read that her shops have generated in excess of £10 million for Save the Children.

She also says that every single penny goes straight to Save The Children, so it will help Syrian refugees, fund education programmes across Africa and also help children in this country who are deprived.

So it was with intrigue that we popped into the new Bermondsey branch, which like her other 22 charity stores, is staffed by volunteers.

It’s situated in the middle of Bermondsey Street, across the road from the Fashion and Textile Museum.

The vibrant pastel-coloured outfits in the window certainly stopped us in our tracks and brightened up a dull, rainy Saturday.

Inside, it’s a treasure trove of second hand designer pieces at affordable prices. The rails are full of crisp, steam ironed designer garments by Alexander McQueen through to Phillip Lim.

It’s so easy to forget you’re in a charity shop with prices at the £175 mark for pre-loved designer winter coats. But with an affordable mix of high street names names including Asos and Reiss there’s something for everyone. It’s well worth a rifle if you’re looking for casual pieces through to occasion wear. The shop stocks mainly women’s pieces but there’s a small men’s section worth a browse too.

As well as clothing you’ll find some funky Christmas decorations at the front of the shop as well as candles, jewellery and gift items.

We love the concept behind the shop and that guilty urge to splurge is lifted when it’s going to such great causes.

We recommend checking it out. The store opens Tuesday to Sunday – it’s closed on Mondays.

The Bridge Theatre

“Bold, popular” theatre set to steal the show in SE1

IT’S PROBABLY one of the most overused words when it comes to describing London landmarks, but ‘iconic’ seems to fit the bill for Tower Bridge.

It attracts millions of tourists a year, was recently used in the new Paddington 2 movie and it’s become the backdrop for Chinese wedding photo shoots.

It’s this enviable location which is about to take centre stage as the new Bridge Theatre flings its doors open to theatre goers this month.

The 900-seat theatre, which sits next to City Hall and overlooks Potters Fields Park, will be the first new commercial theatre of this scale to open in the capital in the last 80 years and the first ever built outside the West End.

Its riverside location at the foot of Tower Bridge is right next to City Hall and it’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the transport hub of London Bridge, whose new concourse opens onto Tooley Street in spring 2018.

We’re expecting theatre royalty to grace the SE1 postcode in the coming months.

We’re not going to deny it, we feel pretty honoured.

Founder and director Nicholas Hytner has said that he wants to make “bold popular theatre” which meets the expectations that audiences have for a really good night out.

The upcoming bill looks promising.

The first show starts on 18 October and it’s called Young Marx - a new comedy by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman, starring Rory Kinnear. There’s also a production of Julius Caesar with Ben Whishaw on the way too (you’ll probably recognise him as the voice of Paddington Bear, he also starred in Skyfall).

Monday nights at the Bridge Theatre will feature a series of intimate gigs and conversations on food, fashion, politics and science.

Of course, with a fabulous new theatre comes a cluster of post-show restaurants including The Ivy, Rosa’s Thai and Tom Simmons – all with those spectacular views over the Thames and Tower Bridge.

The old saying goes…”Build it and they will come”. It seems they’re on their way to SE1…

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